EdLab’s ethos and working methods.


Dear Edlab Candidates,

Welcome back to university (hopefully after a good summer) – and congratulations on joining our first uni-wide EdLab cohort! We’re all really excited to work with you, and hopefully you’re looking forward to your experience with us this year. Whilst the main programme of activity for EdLab doesn’t start until December, we find students have a smoother experience if we do some pre-programme thinking and organisation work – and this email kicks the process off.

There are two key purposes to this email, the first is to introduce the core EdLab team, which consists of

  • Dr Mark Peace is the faculty executive with responsibility for EdLab and its strategic development and oversight
  • Dr Juliette Wilson is the unit leader for all EdLab provision – she takes responsibility for the planning and management of its delivery and the coordination and support for assessments
  • Mick Chesterman is an EdLab tutor, and coordinates projects across provision and students within them

In addition, we work with a wide range of partner individuals and organisations with expertise in educational entrepreneurship. These, together with Mark, Mick and Juliette, form the supervisory team – each looking after their own project. If you want a sneak preview of some of the partners we work with, check out Grimm and Co, and Hulme Community Garden Centre

The second purpose of the email is to introduce you to the way in which EdLab will work this year – some of the expectations and timelines we will be working to. In support of this, we have created this five minute video introduction, which you can watch at your leisure:

As the video explains, you will be given the information you need to select and be allocated to projects through the next month – so look out for more emails from me! And make sure you have the dates for the three Saturday conferences (2nd December, 13th January and 24th March) in your diary!

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