Welcome to Your Project Blog!

Welcome to Your Project Blog


Congratulations on joining EdLab, and welcome to the blog for your project assignment. This website will be maintained by your project lead as the main way of coordinating and the project. It will structure your experience, make sure you’re up to date with developments and plans, recap our discussions set out tasks for you to complete.  We will also use the blog to curate a blended learning package, with reading, videos, examples of similar work and preparation/thinking tasks. This will help you think a bit more deeply about the work that we’re doing, its relationship to educational practice and convention, theory and literature.

So it’s really important that you keep your eye on these posts, and engage with the tasks they present. The blog will ensure that your project is well organised, you are able to contribute as fully as possible – and that you take from it as much as you can in terms of your understanding of education and your ability to sell the value of the experience in support of your employability.

An Initial Task:

We also ask all EdLab students to keep a blog of their own, to use this as a diary to keep reflections on experiences, record developing ideas and resources. It is one of the key ways that we track engagement of students (particularly given the flexible nature of EdLab units). It is also a key means of sharing ideas with project teams and your project coordinator – and for them to give you formative feedback and advice.

Now is a good time to set up a blog for yourself. We would recommend using a platform such as www.wordpress.com, which will host blogs for free for you. Once you’ve done this, please share the website link to your blog below, and write a very short initial post on your anticipations of the project and what drew you to it.


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