Reflections on our First Conference

It was really great to meet you all on Saturday, and to hear about your degrees, skills, and ideas. The aim of the  conference was to generate the beginnings of creative ideas related to your chosen project/context/setting. We made some good progress in dividing into sub teams with different areas of focus, and I enjoyed hearing your ideas and what you believe you can bring to the project.

Here are the Slides from the session:

Task #1: Sustaining Creativity

It is now critical that some further developmental/ideation work happens between this conference and the next one, therefore I would recommend that you visit Elizabeth Gaskell’s House as a group, or on your own, and make some time to chat with House Manager Sally ( who is available until the 17th of December, and then after Christmas. When you visit the house consider the existing educational resources from a child’s perspective, and really get a feel for the educational possibilities of the location.

I know that a number of you are considering drama/role play themes to your projects, so it would be good to investigate playful/dramatic learning further to consider what areas are pedagogically useful and exciting. The work of the Games Research Network may be useful in this, and finding out about ‘LARP’

Now is also a critical time to develop and play with your blogs are relevant, so that we can share ongoing activity as a team, and give you feedback on progress. So get Blogging, and send in the links!



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