Developing ideas

Elizabeth Gaskell's House

Developing and building on sources already available at Elizabeth Gaskell House. This being through adapting the worksheet designed for children to collect information about the house and cater this to a Key Stage 4 level student.

Moving focus for the older age group to be that of the Suffragette movement and the role of women during the Victorian period so not only to collect information from the house but also its relation to the female suffrage movement of its time.

As the house already has a form of this activity I aim to take this and improve and adapt it to a more advanced academic group (Key Stage 4+). Through combining visual activities plus discussion activities within the group the ‘treasure hunt’ activity allows for group interaction and team work skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Discussion skills and debate
  • Literary skills, through writing
  • Note making and recording of information

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