Group idea development

Elizabeth Gaskell's House

Feedback after presenting our ideas to the group and learn how we can improve or adapt our work to be more  inclusive.

Points to develop:

  • Making the activity ‘more fun’
  • Make task accessible to varying abilities
  • Creating more interactive content

In our group we discussed our ideas and how we could link individual approaches together to make one cohesive activity or activity set up for KS4 children. We decided on focusing our activities to Year 8 and 9 students as these are easier to get involved with School trips and also talk about the issues surrounding women in the Victorian period. By looking at the idea of my treasure hunt and another idea of writing a letter as this links to Gaskell’s letters being a feature of the house. My group focused our ideas to the change in terms of technology and communication.

Treasure hunt development:

As my activity does…

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