The Project Plan

Slides from the January Saturday Conference

During the Saturday conference, you should hopefully have pulled together a plan for the development and implementation of your project – including key milestones and dates for outreach activity.

  • A link to a project summary document listing what you’ve done so far, the decisions taken and the support provided
  • A timetable of future physical meetings and agreed dates for outreach activity.
  • A list of any tasks allocated to students and suggestions for how they are carried out

Faculty marketing officer to put together some communications publicising our half term offer, and set up an Eventbrite for people to book in for activities. So that I can feed in all of the information we need, please can you let me know …

  •  Times and Dates that your team will run things.  If there are multiple ‘slots’ for people to sign up for, please can you list these individually.
  • A title for your activity
  • A blurb/description
  • Any constraints on attendance (ages, number of people per session).

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