Half Term Reflections: Quiz Masters Group

Unfortunately there was no one to test out ideas on in this session, which may be to do with the timing, description, or late promotion, it is hard to tell. However, there was a useful discussion, and useful progression points identified. Mainly it was regarding the need to be prepared for different circumstances, to make sure that there is enough to occupy children depending on their level of motivation and engagement. For example, having a warm up/starter activity planned. See the EdLab resources site for ideas: https://edlabtoolkit.wordpress.com/. Also regarding the need to test and prepare the technology to be used, to ensure there is no frustration for learners.

The progression points identified related to practical organisation i.e. planning and sorting out dates,, locations and people in good time, as well as more in depth and meticulous planning for the activity in order to retain a clear focus on the project which was to empower children to construct an direct their own learning, from within a non-classroom learning environment.

Useful Links

Constructivist theories of education

We also considered the element of social constructivism in your project, so it would be worth reading about Vygotsky and how learners can construct learning together through their interactions

In regards to your aim of pupil empowerment in the primary stages this may also be useful:


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