Reflections on Half Term Activities: The Victorians and Literacy Group

Family Literacy Focused Group

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There was a lot prepared for this activity which was good, and the interactive games, creation and writing activities stimulated active participation from all the children. The freedom of choice over writing at the end was encouraging and positive, and yielded a variety of written works, from cartoons to poems.

In building upon this experience it is important to focus on the purpose of the activity, enjoyment and engagement with literacy activities. The history element is there as part of the setting and inspiration for learning, but there is no need to present dense information on this, rather seek to build on the interactive experiences so that the children feel bursting to write about something.

Useful Links:

Research report on effective and inclusive practices in family literacy

Interesting perspective on history teaching and the need for practical engagement and student creation

Government report on the teaching of history in primary and secondary schools

Key stages 1 and 2 History Curriculum: 

“Pupils should be taught about significant historical events, people and places in their own locality”




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