Half Term Reflections: Letter to my Real Life Hero

  • IMG_1598 In this session we got the chance to work through the proposed workshop materials and discuss how they aligned with the purpose of the activity. It was agreed that the elements of the workshop should work well within the setting of Elizabeth Gaskell’s House and will include:
  • A Treasure Hunt activity around the house in stead of a traditional tour
  • Discussion of clues and quotes from Gaskell’s writing which has relevance to themes of identity and gender today.
  • Exploration of Gaskell’s letters and friendships
  • The creation of a personal keepsake letter/poem/celebration for young people to give to their ‘real life hero’ – friend/inspiration who supports their healthy development of identity

These varied elements, game, trail, discussion of quotes, and creative writing should not only meet the purpose of personal, social, health education (PSHE) needs within secondary schools, but also link to the KS3 English curriculum in working with pupils on our varied literary heritage.

The task now is to make this happen with young people at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House!


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